It’s easy for anyone to have a website these days. There are so many online website makers out there, but that doesn’t mean just anybody can design a beautiful, functional, working website. Knowing where to put images, what kind of pages you need to have and what kind of fields your inquiry form should have, the design of your logo and branding are just few things you need to think about when putting together your website. That’s where I come in.

I believe that a professional and affordable web site is a delicate mix of technology and creativity, that’s why I will always surprise you with creativity and ideas, derived from intense work, cooperation and the latest technologies in web design and logo / graphic design.

I can promise you a nice website, with a clear and convenient navigation, original and enjoyable web design, projected down to the finest details. My secret is simple – each of my projects is unique in its own way. I can create you a website with a custom design that’s easy to use and understand, one which will represent your professional image and your company. This will be the website that represents the quality and stability to your customers, ensure respect of your competitors and sends a message of confidence to the world. It’s the way you’re always present, anywhere, anytime.

I can help your business be seen and get connected. Whether you are a start-up or a large enterprise, I will walk you through the process of getting online and creating a strategy that meets your goals within your budget. I specialize in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and Professional Responsive Website Design and Re-design. I can and will provide the best value in web services.

I can offer you and your business beautiful professional web sites at the most competitive prices in the market!

First and foremost I can provide you affordable website development and design according to your needs. My website design will improve your credibility and position your brand ahead of the competition.

I can provide you with the best WordPress® solutions to give you a great looking, easy to navigate website that will help show your work, sell your products and deliver your message to your target audience. Whether you need e-commerce, multi-lingual, blog pages, schedule pages, bio’s, calendars, maps, portfolios, videos you name it, I can build it for you.

All my sites are built to be responsive so they work great on desktops, phones and tablets. No matter who browses your site and no matter how they do it they will see the same
beautiful design no matter what device they use to do it.

I’m not going to give you a speech about why you should pick me to build your site. Instead I’ll tell you what I could put on your website. The list below will give you some idea of
what’s possible.


  • Photo galleries
  • Videos
  • Contact information
  • Social media buttons
  • Quote forms
  • Downloadable forms
  • Newsletters
  • Contact Forms
  • Commercials
  • Slideshows
  • Schedules
  • Bios
  • Buttons
  • Logos


  • Sales
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Related Links
  • Company History
  • Bios
  • Blog
  • Latest News
  • Shopping Cart (e-commerce)
  • Checkout (e-commerce)
  • Product Information (e-commerce)
  • Thank You
  • Past Projects or Portfolio
  • Testimonial
  • Terms of Use


jimmycrow-wordpress-graphicWhen I began doing websites 20 years ago I coded all of them from scratch using HTML. I still do this for some website projects, but I prefer to develop your website using WordPress. WordPress websites have an admin panel that is easy to update even for people who aren’t so tech savvy. You deserve to update your own content without having to call me. WordPress has blown up and become the most popular open source CMS around. Large Companies, universities, professional athletes, online stores, and non-profit organizations all use WordPress for their websites. If the right plugin is installed your WordPress website can be SEO friendly, link visitors to all your social media accounts, create beautiful and easy to use forms, create easy to read schedules and calendars and much much more. Your custom designed WordPress site can built with WooCommerce, e-commerce solution from the beginning or added on later. With WPML I can make your site into as many languages as you like. If you can dream it then there is probably a WordPress plug-in we can add on to your site to make it happen.



I can customize the design of any WordPress theme to look the way you want it. If you prefer a custom WordPress theme, I could develop one using my own custom framework. I can install plugins to fulfill any functionality you need. Here’s a list of what comes with all of my WordPress websites that I develop:

  • Automated Database Backups
  • Google Analytics & Webtools
  • Activity Monitor
  • WordPress & Plug In Updates
  • FREE Tutorials through my Blog
  • WordPress Consultation
  • Social Network Sharing & Linking
  • Complimentary Logo Design

Don’t have time to update or maintain your own website? I do website updates and maintenance for many of my clients and can do the same for you. If you need help setting up your email accounts for yourself and your staff I can help with that as well. If your site is e-commerce based and you need help setting up your products to sell, inventory maintenance, order processing or photos & graphics for your products I can help with that as well.*

*additional fees apply for services beyond the building of the site

Web Design Tools, Resources & Applications

CSS Tutorials

CSS Resources

WordPress Tips and Tutorials

Web Design Tools

WordPress Theme Providers

ElegantThemes – You can get access to all of their themes for a yearly subscription fee. With a developer’s license, you can use these themes on as many client’s sites as you would like. Updates are covered as long as you have a subscription. You can get updates for life by purchasing the Lifetime Package.

WooThemes – You can purchase themes separately or you can purchase all themes for a discounted fee. One year of updates and support are included. You can use their themes on as many client’s sites as you would like.

Photo Editing Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop – The Gold standard of all photo editing tools (with a cost to match)
  • GIMP – The free alternative to Photoshop for Mac OSX

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